Instructions for Offering to WCMC through Interac e-Transfer


1. Log into online banking, click on the link for Interac e-Transfers


2. You will need to add Winnipeg Chinese Mennonite Church to your Contact/Recipient list when you send Interac E-transfer payment to the church for the first time. Depending on which bank you use, you may be prompted to enter various Recipient Information. Below is the information you may need to enter:


Recipient Name:     Winnipeg Chinese Mennonite Church


Recipient Email Address:


Recipient Language/Language Preference: English    (required by some banks)


Notify by: Email   (required by some banks)


3. After you add the church to your Contact/Recipient, select Winnipeg Chinese Mennonite Church as the recipient before making your offering payment.


4. Enter the amount you want to offer and select the account from which the payment will be made.


5. In the message part, enter the purpose of the offering (General, Building, Thanksgiving, Fellowship...) and the amount for each purpose. If you don't write any message, all the payment amount will go to General fund.


6. You will be prompted to select or enter a security question. Choose or enter "What was the password I gave you?" as the security question. For Security Answer/Response, make sure to enter "offering" (we require all offerings to use the same Security Answer/Response). Any mistake here may result in failure for the church to receive your offering.


7. Click to verify the e-Transfer. (Your offering through e-Transfer may be listed as a pending transaction with the status of  sent in your bank account.)


8. Once a week, WCMC Deacon in charge of Accounts Payable will check the email account of for Interac e-Transfer notification and accept the e-Transfer payments. After this, your offering through Interac e-Transfer is complete and you will get a confirmation email of completed transaction from your Bank (for most banks)


9. Your offering through e-Transfer will be reported in the bulletin at the beginning of the next month.